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News & Letters is a Marxist-Humanist newspaper which was created so that the voices of revolt from below could be heard unseparated from the articulation of a philosophy of liberation. Raya Dunayevskaya (1910-1983) was Chairwoman of the National Editorial Board from its founding in 1955 until her death in 1987. Charles Denby (1907–1983), a Black production worker, was its Editor from 1955 until 1983.

News and Letters Committees, publisher of News & Letters, is an organization of Marxist-Humanists who stand for the abolition of capitalism, whether in its private property or state property form. We have organized ourselves in a committee form rather than any elitist party "to lead." See "New & Letters Committees" for more information.

A subscriptions to News & Letters is the first step to a meaningful dialogue on the ideas of Marxist-Humanism and revolutionary social change.

  • Subscriptions to the newspaper version of News & Letters are US$5 for one year.

  • Bulk orders of five or more copies are US$0.25 each.

  • Request rates for first class and foreign subscriptions.

  • Free copies are available on request.

  • Subscriptions for prisoners are free upon request as well.

  • Donations for prisoner subscriptions are welcome.

  • Send check or money order to: 
    News & Letters
    228 South Wabash, Suite 230
    Chicago IL 60604 USA  

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Publication information

Raya Dunayevskaya Chairwoman, National Editorial Board,
Charles Denby Editor,
Felix Martin Labor Editor,
1983 – 1999
John Alan National Editorial Board
Member Emeritus
Olga Domanski
Franklin Dmitryev
Co-National Organizers,
News and Letters Committees
Terry Moon Managing Editor

Frequency and place of printing: Bimonthly in Chicago

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN): 0028-8969

Indexer: Alternative Press Index

Printshop union:  Graphic Communications International Union

Reprints: Articles from News & Letters or this web site may be reproduced verbatim if credited to "News & Letters."  

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