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February 2008
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Fears of global recession haunt U.S. election

A new specter looms over capitalism. With fallout from the subprime mortgage crisis, suddenly the economy overshadowed the war as an issue in the 2008 presidential election.


Genocide in Congo

A genocide is taking place in Congo. Not a normally understood genocide where one group is intent on annihilating another. Rather, an entire nation is being allowed to disintegrate as children, women, and men die in numbers not seen since World War II--5.4 million since 1996.

From the Writings of Raya Dunayevskaya

To Fromm on the Dialectic

A parallel between Hegel's PHENOMENOLOGY OF MIND section which deals with "Spirit in Self-Estrangement--the Discipline of Culture" and Marx's section of CAPITAL on "Fetishism of Commodities" leads to a new illumination of contemporary thinkers, such as Sartre.


On concretizing a 'Philosophic Moment'

In dialectics, "concrete" is not a synonym of "immediate" or "tangible," as that word is often meant. Rather, the "concrete is concrete because it is the concentration of many determinations, hence unity of the diverse."... The "determinant," a category of dialectics, is "a new philosophic category" Dunayevskaya named a "philosophic moment": "In Hegelian dialectics, the philosophic moment is a determinant," and "it remain[s] the element that govern[s] the concretization".

Youth Review

Philosophy and Revolution -- 2008

It is surely contentious to draw a line from Hegel to Marx to Lenin to Dunayevskaya, instead of a line to thinkers such as Marcuse, Korsch, or Lukács. Yet, it was Dunayevskaya's development of the philosophy of Marxist-Humanism for over 30 years that re-created the Hegelian-Marxian dialectic on new ground for our age.


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