News & Letters,
July-August 2005

Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives

Developing a philosophically grounded alternative to capital

Marxist-Humanists this month view the world we live in—the rule of capital and the revolts against it—and rethink the direction of News and Letters Committees. We invite you to read, think, and comment on our perspectives, which include:

  I. Bush's Wars at Home and in Iraq
   A. Fighting the Right's 'Vision' of the Future
   B. The Economic Basis of Today's Retrogression
   C. The War in Iraq: Quagmire for Bush, and the Left 
 II. Challenges Posed by Today's Mass Movements
   A. Ukraine's 'Orange Revolution'
   B. Freedom Ferment in Latin America
III. Philosophic Challenges Posed by Today's Realities
IV. Towards New Beginnings in Marxist-Humanism

Woman as Reason

Our bodies are ours!

The depth of the retrogression we face is seen in how so many were thinking the most we can demand is that Bush nominate an O'Connor clone.

From the Writings of Raya Dunayevskaya

Marxist-Humanism's relation to Marx's Humanism

As part of our focus on the totality of Marx’s Marxism, we reprint excerpts of a text from 1981 entitled "Marxist-Humanism’s Challenge to All Post-Marx Marxists." Originally delivered as a talk at the 1981 convention of News and Letters Committees, it appears as an Introduction to the 1991 edition of ROSA LUXEMBURG, WOMEN'S LIBERATION, AND MARX'S PHILOSOPHY OF REVOLUTION.


Marx, Proudhon and alternatives to capital

Marx’s critical dialogue with the work of the French anarchist thinker Pierre Joseph Proudhon spanned several decades. While largely ignored in the present, Marx’s critique of Proudhon remains of real import for all of us struggling to break the hold of capital over our lives and our world.


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