NEWS & LETTERS, July-August 2005

Women in Black

New York--The 38th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza was remembered here on June 9. More than 100 people joined a protest by Women in Black (Union Square Group), which has held a vigil weekly since shortly after September 11, 2001, to bring attention to the continuing war against the Palestinians. Women in Black is an international peace network, founded in 1988 by Israeli women against the occupation, and since appearing in war zones around the world.

Code Pink co-sponsored the June 9 event and added the dimension of opposition to the U.S. occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. One speaker, Rabad Abdulhadi, a Palestinian lesbian feminist who teaches in Michigan, spoke about all these occupations and added another: the occupation by the police of New York City. She declared that we can imagine another world, one without domination.

--International feminist

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